Miro Forestry Company


Miro Forestry is a sustainable and commercially focused forestry company with established and expanding plantations of fast growing timber for local and international markets. The Company is centered in West Africa and aims to continue delivering both attractive returns to investors as well as significant environmental and social benefits within local communities.

The Company

Miro Forestry is a sustainable forestry business with expanding timber plantations in Ghana and Sierra Leone as well as other developing interests in sustainable timber.

The Company consists of a management team experienced in emerging markets and in operating world class forestry businesses.

The Company has over 30,000 hectares of land on which it is expanding its fast rotation tree stands having commenced operations in February 2010.


Establishing trees through a managed plantation system provides a modern solution to fulfilling the increasing global demand for timber products whilst ensuring economic and environmental viability. Such best practice plantation management systems coupled with high silviculture standards provides for efficient and cost competitive plantations ensuring high timber growth rates whilst minimising operational risks.

Eucalyptus, Teak and Pine are the principal species planted by the Company, providing diversity of rotation length and product range.


Miro Forestry is focused on being the leading sustainable timber producer in West Africa where operating costs are globally competitive and timber growth rates high. This intrinsic competitive advantage, coupled with strong routes to market, provides for maximum margin on commodity production and hence attractive investor returns.

Timber investment has been one of the best performing investments over the last 30 years and is expected to continue outperforming as global timber stocks continue to be depleted whilst demand further increases.

Miro Forestry - Sustainable Forestry in West Africa